Corporate Philanthropy Awards 2024: Second Place for McKelvey Homes in Small Companies Category (1 to 99 Employees)

April 12, 2024

Homebuilder McKelvey Homes contributed more than $600,000 in local cash and in-kind giving in 2023.

The company, with 57 local employees and revenue of $80 million, also donated 3,200 volunteer hours that same year.

McKelvey Homes President Jim Brennan answers questions about the company's giving below.

How do you select the causes or charities you give to? We primarily support those in need of health care — physical and mental, housing or food. For example, the major charitable originations that we have supported are Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, Independence Center, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, and the Homebuilders Charitable Foundation. Our employees are very involved in charities that are important to them and we support those causes as well. No one should be hungry, homeless or without medical care.

What do you believe are the primary unmet needs in our community now? Too many people are suffering from lack of health care, housing, and food. In addition, more research needs to be done to help find cures for illnesses like Dravet Syndrome.

What are the advantages, financial or otherwise, to a company philanthropic program? We feel it is our responsibility to help those less fortunate. There are few things better than the satisfaction of helping others. One of the advantages of our giving is that it encourages employees and their families to get involved in helping others like our grandkids raising $7,500, which the company matched.

How will the economy impact your company's giving and/or the causes or charities it chooses? While economic conditions may impact the specifics of our giving strategy, philanthropy will always remain a core aspect of our business model. We recognize the blessings we've received and our responsibility to give back, and we're committed to supporting causes that make a meaningful difference in the world, regardless of economic circumstances.

How has the way your company gives changed in the last three years? Our approach to giving underwent a significant transformation at the beginning of last year. In 2023, in addition to our ongoing philanthropy, we started a new program whereby we donate $1,898 for each home sold. We select a different charity each quarter. Last year, the four charities that we selected were Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, Independence Center, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, and St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry. In the first quarter of 2024, we selected Ronald McDonald House. For the second quarter of 2024, we just announced that we will be supporting Habitat for Humanity!

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